Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Midweek Confessions {May 23}

I loved E's Letter to New Mom series last week, but I really missed our weekly confession time. 

  • I have been trying for a few years now to stop watching Grey's Anatomy, but it keeps sucking me back in.  I really used to like it, but it can get slow and old at times.  I mean come one, a plane crash finale!!  How am I supposed to resist that?
  • I have 3 days of work left before summer break and I'm excited, but mostly overwhelmed thinking about it.  I wish I could say I'm ready for summer to relax and rest, but I don't think that's actually gonna happen.  We have such a busy summer ahead, which unfortunately will make the summer fly by too quickly. 

  • I like to push peoples buttons (Brent, Kelsie, Abigail).  You know, aggravate them.  If I know I'm doing something that is making them mad [not really bad or mean things, just annoying things], I sometime can't help but keep doing it, just to see what they do.  I think it's funny.  I know I shouldn't, but I truly can't help it.  Now y'all probably think I'm a b****, but I'm really not. I promise. 
              Weeellll, maybe sometimes I am. 

  • Sometime I just feel like packing up and moving far away.  I know my problems would eventually follow me, but a fresh start sounds nice. 
That's it for this week.  Short and Sweet!

Happy half way to Friday!! 


  1. I daydream of packing up and moving away to a place where homes are much less expensive and we could have a smaller house payment, which would in return allow more moolah for fun things like vacations and new shoes and iphones.
    the grass is always greener, no?!

  2. Love Grey's Anatomy. I am still undecided on what to think about the finale.

  3. That greys anatomy will get you every time. By far one of my favorite shows on television. I wish I could sucker my husband into watching it with me (yeah right!)

    I've also been trying to talk him into moving away! With the job he does he would make more in basically any other state but the one we live in. I'm thinking Hawaii?!

  4. I could relate with all the things you have said, especially about the moving part. Im so done leaving here. I mainly want to be closer to my family though. Drama or not, I love them and miss them.

    Plane crash...I know. and I thought one other character was gonna die. If he does, Im gonna be really be upset...haha.

    Summer Break, I am so looking forward to it!



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