Tuesday, May 15, 2012

psychic powers

Yes, my husband thinks he has a sort of psychic power.

He's gonna kill me when and if he reads this, but I had to post about it.  Brent thinks he can sort of predict what movies will come on television.  As he goes about his daily activities, whether at work or at home, he often thinks about movies, maybe too often.  Then coincidentally, he will see that exact movie on television within the next day or so. 

I think he's bonkers.  I'm always telling him that he must think about movies way too much.  I always no exactly what he's talking about when he says "Hey, it happened again."  Before he even explains I know he must have used his TV powers. 

But hey, it's good for a laugh. 

It's just too bad he can't use these powers to predict lottery numbers or something productive. 

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