Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midweek Confessions {May 2}

What else would I be doing on a Wednesday?
1. I've been totally ignoring pinterest lately.  I don't know what's going on with me.  I think maybe it just  information overload.  I'm not ditching it, just needed a break. 

2. I've been really jealous of all these cool instagram pictures from people iPhones.  Android finally offers it as an app so I downloaded it and I've only used it twice.   I think it's totally cool.  I just keep forgetting about it. My user name is jenak24 if you want to follow.  Maybe if  have followers I'll be better at remembering to use it... or maybe not. 

3.  I killed some chocolate chip cookies this weekend!!  I don't know why, but my homemade chocolate chip cookies never come out looking right.  My four year old was scared of them.  He said they looked squished.  I need a cookie intervention!!

This is the first batch.  I promise I used a cookie scoop.
When I took them out they went super flat.

The one of the left is first batch and the one of the right is second batch. 
The second batch turned out a little better.

   As ugly as my cookies were, they still tasted yummy!  Which leads me to my fourth confession--

4.  I might have eaten 4 chocolate chip cookies, or it could have been 6.  I lost count. 

5.  I killed the imagination of a six year old girl this morning! ---The tooth fairy didn't bring Abigail money for her teeth last night.  She's been saving her teeth so she could get a lot of money at one time.  She had four teeth saved up and I guess after Brent put her to bed last night, she figured she'd go ahead and collect on her teeth.   She didn't tell either of us.  I got her up this morning and she said "wait wait I put my teeth under the pillow last night!"

Uh Oh!

You can imagine how things went from there.  It really wasn't too bad.  I just told her that the tooth fairy must have been really busy and that we would try again tonight and see what happens. 

Happy Confessing!!


  1. omg, you poor thing I can't believe that about the tooth fairy!!! lol. also, I'm on instagram and I love it!!!!! so fun. I'll look you up.

  2. Instagram is the best. You will learn to use it all the time soo. It took me awhile to remember too (;

  3. 6 cookies is nothing. you should hang out with me!

  4. I just added you on Instagram! I'm jens72. :)

  5. I have the Instagram app...just haven't done anything with it yet...I can't seem to get into it.

    Oh wow!! Too bad about the tooth fairy...make it up to her by spraying one of the dollar bills you leave with hairspray and sprinkling it with glitter...that'll throw her imagination into overload!!

  6. On the is a case of too much butter and/or sugar. I do a half and half combo of I Cant't Believe and Crisco shortning butter flavor for baking. Then they don't spread too much.


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