Wednesday, July 31, 2013

here we go again...

We are under contract on a new house for the second time now.  I'm pretty sure this will also be the last for at least 10 years.  I'm soooooo extremely excited about this house, about ten times more excited than the last house.  

The price is a bit higher, but it won't need nearly as much work. 

 Oh, and did I mention it's super cute on the outside.  
I love a house with curb appeal!!

This house has three bedrooms and one bath.  One bathroom is a negative, but I'm choosing to look on the bright side and think about how it will be only one bathroom I will have to clean.  

We will eventually add a new bathroom.  It will probably be 5-ish years down the road until we can afford it, but it will be a necessity before Abigail becomes a teenager.  

Brent's favorite part of the house is a huge, very nice shop in the back.  It's air conditioned and has electricity and water.  

It's got a nice little fenced in yard that's all ready for a puppy, according to Brent and Abigail!!

It's also in the school zone where my kids will stay in the same school.  They could even ride their bikes or walk to school.  

Oh and my favorite part is that there is a second living area that we will be using as a play room.  I'm totally pumped about being able to put all the kids toys, toy boxes, book shelves, train table, and various other cluttery things in a room separate from their bedrooms.  The bedrooms are not huge, so this will help out a whole lot. 

We are looking at a closing date on or before September 27th, hopefully before.  

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  1. AWESOME!! I want to see more pictures. And it's a rambler just like ours!


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