Sunday, July 28, 2013

adjustments and a robot leg

We've been living with my parents for 5 days now and it's taking some adjustments.  Nothing major and mostly just for Jackson.  The big kids are doing great.  They actually enjoy living with Nana and Papa.  Of course, I can't speak for my parents so I'm sure it's a bit of an inconvenience on them here and there, but they hide it well.  

We've been keeping busy making yogurt pops.  These were actually supposed to come with little sticks you put in them and then freeze, but ours were missing so we improvised the best we could. 
 he he he

Jackson is sleeping in a pack n play in the same room as me and Brent.  That is probably the hardest part of all of this.  We have to be soooooo quiet when we go to bed so not to wake him.  If he wakes up and cries at night we can't just ignore it and let him fall asleep.  He can see us.  When Brent's alarm goes off at 7:00 it wakes up Jack so we are getting up at 7:00 too, which actually helps during nap time with nap time.  

Oh and did I mention he can get out of his bed.  I put him down for a nap about 20 minutes ago and just a few minutes later I heard his door open and out he came, happy as can be.  He wasn't to thrilled when I put him back in his bed, but so far he hasn't made another appearance.  

Nana and Papa went camping this weekend and took the big kids Friday night.  They love camping.  

Saturday afternoon we met them at the campground do eat at their DOG gathering.  
DOG stands for Dutch Oven Gathering.  A group of local people who like to cook with dutch ovens camp style meet up and prepare a bunch of yummy dishes and grub out.  

Every month they have a theme and this one was hot dogs.  Dad made hotdog, chili, cheese, and tator tot casserole, and hotdog chili pizza.  They were really good. 

There were a lot of yummy dishes.  

You see that guy with the prosthetic leg.  Austin saw him and very loudly announced that that man had a robot leg.  He and the man had a conversation were Austin told him his robot leg was very cool!!

Saturday after the DOG, Abigail and I got our school supply shopping taken care of!  After $120 we got everything that Abigail and Austin needed, minus construction paper (they were out) and back packs.  

So really all in all we've been keeping pretty busy and trying really hard not to wreck Nana and Papa's house too much.  

We are hoping to look at three houses this week and maybe make an offer before the end of the week.  We don't want to rush in to a house that's not right, but we also don't want to drag it on any longer than necessary. 

 I'm ready for some stability and routine back in our lives.  

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