Friday, July 5, 2013

Our little 4th of July!

We had a really fun Independence Day yesterday, actually it was a bit better than I expected.  

My parents were out of town and my sister was spending the holiday with her in-laws.  Then my brother and sister-in-law were supposed to come over, but Audrie was sick and it looked like they weren't coming, so it was just going to be my little family of five.  

We weren't going to let that spoil the day.  We headed out that afternoon to buy fireworks.  The kids were in hyperactive over-drive in that fireworks tent!

Then we headed over to my parents house.  They live out of city limits so we spent the evening out there so we could pop fire works.  

Then we got a surprise when my brother showed up with his two girls that weren't sick.  Gabi and Zoe live in North Dakota and come visit every summer.  They just got into town and we were so excited to spend the holiday with them. 

We did some day time fireworks first, but it was very hot.  

 My kids just played and acted like it wasn't weird at all to be at Nana and Papa's house without them there.  
We did miss them though.  Occasionally, Jack would say "Nana bye-bye?" or "Papa work?"

We made the mistake of skipping nap time, so come about 4:00 Jack was a little edgy!

Jack didn't act too scared of the loud popping fireworks.  He made some funny faces though!

 Gabi caught the first parachute!

It's not a holiday if Austin is crying about something!

The night ended with Jack hiding in my lap.  He decided he didn't like the big ones at night.  

We really had a great July 4th.  The kids are getting older and its nice to be able to sit back a little and just watch them enjoying themselves.  Austin was very into the fireworks this year, where as last year and he spent most of the night playing in the house with toys.  

I hope you all had a great 4th as well!!

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  1. Jack's hair is so blonde. I don't think I've noticed that before. Where do they live in north dakota?? I never hear anyone mention my good old state in blogland!


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