Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tough Decisions {Changing Schools}

It seems like this has been the year for making tough decisions.  

Should I quit my job?

Should we sell our house?

Should we buy a new house/mobile home/ or rent something?

All of the decisions have pretty much been made, but now I've come to my hardest of all.  Some people might thing it's silly, but it's a touchy subject for me.  

Should I move my kids to a new school?

Now, the only reason we are considering it, is because the house we are buying is in a different school zone and literally a three minute walk to the new school.  It's a great school too.  My husband and my sister went there.  

My reservations are purely from my own personal fears.  

When I was in 3rd grade we moved from Oklahoma to Louisiana in the middle of the school year.  The move was extremely hard on me and I can easily jump back in time and feel that crippling fear I felt when starting a new school and not knowing a single soul.  

I cried a lot that first month or so, but I eventually adjusted just fine.  
I guess I just don't want my kids to feel that way.  

The major differences here are that my kids are NOTHING like me.  
I was extremely shy and didn't make friends easily. 
Abigail will make friends anywhere she goes.  She is not scared at all to start a new school.  

Austin is the same way.  He has only been to pre-k so far, so he doesn't have a whole lot of good friends from school yet anyway.  

Another major difference is that the new school is only a few blocks from the old school and Abigail and Austin already have a few friends that go there.  

My other reservation is that I don't know many of the teachers at the new school, while I know every single teacher, minus the one who just took my place, at the kids old school.  I know all the faculty and staff and they know and love my kids.  

Both schools are great. 
Advantages of the new school are the close distance and smaller class sizes.  

I think the distance is what is making my decision for me.  I would rather not have to pack Jack up in the car and go sit in a never ending car line for half an hour to pick my kids up at their old school, when they could just walk to and from school every day.  We even know some kids on our street who they could walk with.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure our decision has been made and my kids will start a new school in August, but I'm still scared about it.  It's definitely something I will continue to pray about and try and release my personal fears and give it to God.  

These pictures have nothing to do with the post, they are just a few more summer fun pictures.

My parents bought this backyard blow up water slide for the kids and they loved it!!

Not our best parenting move letting Jack play in the mud, but hey you live and learn!!

We took the kids to see Despicable Me 2.  It was very good.  I highly recommend it.

We also went to Chucky-E-Cheeze!  
This is the only picture I could take while chasing Jack around.  

Mom got all the girls matching Eskimo Joes t-shirts!

Audrie and Jack eating hot dogs!!


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