Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Randomness

Let's dive right in shall we?  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  #toolazy

*We are still planning for a closing date on July 19th, and praying that it does not get postponed any further.

*We still don't have a home to move into, but are actively working on it.  We actually made a bid on a house in Moss Bluff, but won't find out anything until Monday.  It's not your traditional house buying process.  This is a HUD home, which is like a foreclosure.  It's sold through bids like a silent auction, so Monday we will find out if we were the highest bidders.  I'm not getting my homes up, but it would be awesome.

*Brent's been working A LOT lately, which leaves me by my lonesome to entertain the childrens. Not an easy job, but somebody has to do it.  It's been soooo very hot outside lately, that most of our fun consists of trips to the mall, target, or walmart.  Not a good way to save money.

*We went swimming at a friends house on Monday, but Jackson was a pain in the neck. He thinks he can get in the water without floaties.  He just absolutely refuses to leave them on.  My friend and I forced them on twice, but he just screamed bloody murder until he got them off.  The catch here is that he also does not want me to hold him in the water.  So basically our visit consisted of me following him around the pool, desperate to keep him from jumping in or going down the slide.  My big kids had fun, but I felt guilty making them leave so early because of Jackson.

*Jackson is rounding out his 3rd ear infection in three months.  We have been referred to an ear, nose, throat specialist for an evaluation and I believe tubes are more than likely in our future.

*Abigail has been referred to an orthodontist.  Her adult teeth are quite crooked and very crowded.  She hasn't lost all her baby teeth yet so  I'm not sure what he's going to recommend we do, but one thing I do know is that my wallet will be hurting when we are finished.

*My weight loss is at a stand still.  I haven't lost or gained any weight in about 3 weeks.  I also haven't been working out or running at all.  It's like I lost all my workout mojo after I finished the couch to 5k app.  I'm planning on starting the 5-10K app pretty soon. Maybe I will get my drive back.

* Jack is supposed to be falling asleep right now, but is instead yelling and somehow talking to Nana even though she is a couple states away in Oklahoma right now.

Enjoying my crazy summer!  Hope you are too!


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