Tuesday, July 9, 2013

summer fun with cousins

As previously mentioned, my nieces are visiting from North Dakota.  We only see them twice a year, so when they come in town we try and spend as much time as possible with them.

Yesterday we hit the local water playground.  It's not big or fancy, but the kids love it.

Jack has developed a fear of all things water ever since his rub rash incident during our camping trip.  He walked around two long with wet diaper and shorts and got a painful little rash between his thighs.  So now every time he sees the swimmer diaper and swim trunks come out, he sort of freaks out.

But once we got them on him, he calmed down and even had a good time at the water playground.

Little Ms. Thang!

white as a ghost

He was a little stand off-ish at first.  He didn't like his face getting wet.

Little Ms. Thang II

Austin hogged the water guns.

Jacks favorite thing to play with was the water drain.  

me and my other half

Found out Jackson can say alligator pretty much perfectly.

Cousins and Friends

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