Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I feel a little lost at the moment.  We are in a state of transition.  Things are a little uncertain, so I have trouble concentrating long enough to put together a blog post.  

I'm still here.

If you are the praying sort please send out a quick prayer for me and my family as we try and figure out where these transitions will lead us.  

We are selling our house, packing, trying to figure out where we will live, hopefully not be homeless in 45 days, and I quit my job.  

Lots of changes.

I'm trying to stay positive and not freak out about all the uncertainty.  I'm the plan it all out sort of girl, so this is a test for me.  It helps to know that God knows and has everything planned out for us, but it's easy to forget.  

On a side note, I'm slightly obsessed with this new app called a beautiful mess.  I'm pretty sure my facebook and instagram friends are tired of me filling up their news feed.

As you can tell from the pictures, our summer is starting off really nice.  The kids are being really good and it's not super hot outside ye,t so we've been playing outside and barbecuing a lot.  

I heart summer!
(even uncertain ones)

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  1. Good luck! That is alot going on. I know what u mean as I am loving that app too


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