Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ways I wish real life was like a tv show

If you've been reading my blog lately then you know I'm a little overly obsessed with certain TV series.  I will refer you back to this post if you are new here.

Anyway, I've been watching an episode or two of Castle every night for the past week and I noticed how they always answer the phone by saying their last name.  For example the the phone rings they pick it up and say "Beckett" or "Castle".  I've noticed this in other shows to like X-Files and cop dramas.  This got me thinking about why we don't do this.  It would be much cooler than just saying "hello" or "hi".

This got my mind gears going, thinking about all the ways that life would be cooler if they were like a TV show.  So here is my list of ways I wish life was like a TV show.

1.  we could answer our phones by saying our last names

2.  the good guys always win, at least by the end of the season

3.  my life would have a soundtrack and cool background music

4.  I would always look beautiful and ready to go, right out bed

5.  bad morning breath would not exist

6.  the babies and kids conveniently stay in the other room almost all the time and don't interrupt their parents lives much at all

7.  I could eat pizza and french fries and drink cups and cups of coffee, and it wouldn't effect my weight

8.  my home or apartment would be beautifully decorated

9.  I could run really fast in high heels and it would never hurt my feet

10.  I would have really clever and witty conversations with my group of really cool friends

I'm sure I could think of a few other things, but 10 is enough for now.

In what way would you like your life to be like a TV show??

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  1. true! Kids only show up when it's convenient to the plot. If life were like a TV show, your social calendar would be full. There'd always be a dinner party, neighborhood BBQ, PTA bake sale, school talent show, or some other event for you to be attending.


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