Wednesday, May 15, 2013

insanity again!!

No, I'm not going insane!  I just ordered the workout DVD's called Insanity by Shaun T.  

Although, some people would think it's insane I guess!!  

This will not be my first experience with Insanity.  My parents bought this two summers ago, when I was pregnant with Jackson so I had to wait a while before I could try it out.  I did the first 30 days in January 2012, but between work, a newborn, and my kids, I just couldn't keep up with it.  

Some how the DVD's have gone missing, so I just ordered some from Amazon.

Insanity is pretty insane.  It has sort of a boot camp feel to it, which I really like.  

I should be getting it sometime next week.  I will update you on how things progress!!

I'm so ready to be in really good shape!!!!!!

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