Saturday, May 25, 2013

a lot has happened in 10 days

I just realized I've been absent from blog-land for 10 days.  So much has happened since I last posted, so here goes my attempt to get you caught up.

-Jackson started running fever last weekend.  Then diarrhea hit and then total and utter grumpiness stuck around until Friday.  It was not a fun week for him or us.  One reason for my absence this week.

-My sister, Kelsie and her husband graduated from College.

-I've been a little obsessed with this new app called A Beautiful Mess.  It has all sorts of fun ways to edit your phone pictures.  Below are some that I took while waiting for Kelsie's graduation to begin.

-Abigail and Austin had their awards days this week.

Austin got the Einstein Award for academic achievement.  

Abigail got awards for Banner Roll(straight A's) all year, she read 75 books, and had the most growth in reading Success Maker (computer program).  She grew from a 2.4 reading level to a 4.5 reading level.  

So proud of my smart babies.

Abigail and her teacher Mrs. Reed

Last day of 2nd Grade

-I am officially unemployed.  I walked out of school yesterday for the last time as a teacher.  It was scary, but exciting to think about what God has in store for my family.  I don't think it will feel really real until August, when everyone goes back to school but me.

-Softball and t-ball are over, thank goodness.  I love watching them play, but it's so time consuming.  We had games three or four nights a week.

Jack was not super easy during the evenings at the ball field, but we survived.

-Our house went under contract on Thursday.  We have 45 days to find a place to live before we are homeless.  This is another scary, yet exciting life change we are heading into.  A lot of praying for peace and faith happening in this house right now.  I know God's got this, but it's a little scary not being able to plan things out exactly how I think they ought to be.

-I started Insanity today.  My plan is to get up every morning at 6:30 to workout before the kids wake up.  I guess Jack knew my plan because he decided to wake up at 5:30 and get in bed with us, which he never does.  He went back to sleep though, but I couldn't, so I got up at 6:00 instead.  I've been running using my couch to 5k app and I'm almost finished.  I can run 28 minutes straight without stopping, which is about 2.5 miles for me.  I don't run super fast, but I'm proud of my progress.  I want to keep running a couple days a week even while doing Insanity.

Summer has officially begun and I hope yours is filled with fun and relaxation.  
I'm not sure ours will be, because of a certain little boys heading into his terrible twos, but I'm looking forward to it anyway.  

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