Monday, April 1, 2013

Fun with Dad

I'm very blessed to have a husband that is very involved with the kids.  He wants to do stuff with them just as much as I do.  He has fun when they have fun.  

I think one of Brent's goals in life is to make little fisherboys and fishergirl out of our kids.  He loves fishing and wants them too love it too.  

I think they will.  
Austin already loves just casting over and over in the front yard.  

one of my new favorite pics 

Of course they needed to test out the new equipment!!

Riding on the lawn mower is one of Jackson's favorite things now.  He starts clapping and laughing as soon as Brent starts it up!  

Abigail got to steer instead of ride!!  

She was a wild driver!!

Simple things like these make for a great day and awesome memories!!

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