Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters


Dear Students, Why must you start losing your minds this time of year?? We only have 3.5 weeks of school left.  Please don't ruin my last 4.5 weeks of being a teacher by acting like 2 year olds.  

Dear House, Please sell yourself.  I'm so tired of having to keep you clean, oh who am I kidding?? I'm tired of having to rush and clean you every time we have a showing.  Just sell already.

Dear Cellulite, I hate you!

Dear Google, Thank you for being the answer to every problem.  If all else fails, Google it!

Dear Joshua Jackson I'm slightly obsessed with you right now.  I just finished all five season of Fringe and feel lost now that I don't have you to watch every day.  LOL

Dear month of April,  I am totally over you and ready for May!

Wow, that was fun!

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  1. bahaha... a big "amen" to your Dear Google point and my heart aches for you having to clean before every showing - that's my very definition of hell, but I hope it pays off. I felt about Dexter and then Mad Men and now Downton Abbey when I caught up on their seasons #devastating. love your sense of humor and these dear ..... posts. xo


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