Friday, April 5, 2013

in your face daddy

This is too funny not to share! 

Last week Brent had all three kids by himself for a little while so he took them to get snow cones.  The following is a text I received shortly after.

If you are new around here, Austin our 5 year old is a very, very, very picky eater.  He basically lives off of sour cream chips, chicken nuggets, and eggs.  He has never liked ice cream or popsicles.  I'm not sure why Brent would even think that Austin would even consider eating a snow cone. 

Austin's poor eating habits bother Brent a lot more than they bother me.  Which is ironic because according to his family he was a picky eater himself up until a certain age.  

Then later that evening I saw this on Facebook.

Of course there are other kids out there that don't eat ice cream or snow cones!  He just couldn't seem to let this go!

Now lets fast forward to the next afternoon.  We went and played putt putt and then headed to Sonic because Abigail wanted ice cream.  Abigail and I got vanilla cones and Austin got some chicken.  Almost as soon as I start eating my ice cream, Austin asks if he can try it!  

What???? Austin wants to try ice cream!!  Are we in an alternate universe??!  

(by the way Austin had no idea we had talked/texted/facebooked about his dislike for ice cream)

This was completely out of the blue and what I call perfect timing!  

Not only did he try the ice cream, he and Jack actually ended up eating most of my cone and then he announces that next time we go to Sonic he is getting ice cream.  

Oh I was laughing so hard!!!  Brent's face was priceless!!

These pictures are from a few days later at McDonald's.  Just a little proof that it wasn't a one time deal.

Abigail and Jack eating ice cream is not big shocker.  
They will eat practically anything!!

I just thought the timing of Brent's ranting and Austin's deciding he loves ice cream was too funny! 

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  1. That is hilarious! Who knows what he will try next?? How adventurous he is now. Haha!


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