Wednesday, April 24, 2013

inside my mind

I'm sort of stuck, or blocked you might say.  I'm not feeling motivated to write anything right now.  I want to publish some posts, but I just can't bring myself to sit down and think long enough to come up with something worthwhile.  I just have too many things running through my head right now.

How about a little sneak peek inside my mind... be careful, it's scary in there.

**23 more days of school is not a lot, but feels like an eternity away.

**I don't want to go to work.

**This is my last week of duty for school.  I hate duty!!  On duty weeks we only end up with about 25 minute break all day.  

**I am sooo tired, but it's my own fault.  I stayed up too late every night this past week.

**We have another house showing today, but I doubt anything will come of it, just like the last 3 or 4. 

**I'm so tired of cleaning the house for showings that are pointless.

**Brent is working the night shift tonight.  I wonder how many nights he will be working.  I stay up even later when he's not home.  

**I have to get myself and the kids up and out the door by 6:00 am tomorrow to bring Jackson to my mom's house.  I hate that!  Brent normally takes him, but not when he's on shift work.  

**Why are my students acting like crazy people? (worse than normal)

**Jackson had a grumpy couple of hours yesterday.  I hope he's not coming down with something.

**I can't believe in 23 days I will be unemployed.  

**I need to start making a list of projects I need to tackle this summer.

**I want to create a recipe binder.

**Our bathtubs really need a good scrub.

**I got to jog at the park 3 times in the past week and I LOVE it.  It makes me feel so much better when I can exercise.  I really hope nothing gets in my way again(sick kids, or Brent's work schedule) and keeps me from working out for weeks, because then I have trouble getting back in the swing of it.  

**I really need to lose weight.  Why is it so stinking hard??

**I really want some nachos at the concession stand Thursday during Austin's game, but I will not get any because I need to lose weight dang it!!

**Abigail has had a really bad attitude lately.  What are we doing wrong?  How can we get our sweet happy girl back?? She isn't supposed to act like this until she is a teenager!!

**I'm jealous of people with no responsibilities other than themselves or their spouse.  Now I'm feeling guilty because I love my kids, they are just soooo much work!  I wouldn't change anything, I just wish I had appreciated and enjoyed my life a little more before all the responsibilities started piling on.  

**I wish that me and Brent could go on dates more often.  We see each other a lot, but I miss going out on dates. 

**I need to remember to put my calories in MyFittnessPal for those fruit gummies I just ate.  

**What should we make for supper tonight??

**Austin and Abigail went on bowling field trips and I couldn't go with either or them.  I don't have any days off left to use.  I can't wait until next year when I don't have to miss any of their stuff anymore.  

**Tonight is our last night of Team Kids at church.  I loved teaching Team Kids, but it will be nice to have our Wednesdays back.  We don't have dance or softball/baseball on Wednesdays, so it will be completely free. I could go jogging every Wednesday.  That would be awesome.  

OK, that's enough. I could keep going, but I'll stop before I lose followers.

So for those 7 of you that read my blog, if you've been wondering where I've been, there you go.  I've been lost inside my head. There are so many things going on right now I might not be blogging as often, but I'm still here.


  1. I hear ya! My mind is nuts lately too. Don't u love the feeling after a run?? I have started to crave it!

  2. Oh the mind of a teacher at the end of a school year... I hear ya! Thanks for linking up!

  3. How exciting to get to stay home after this year! I've been so excited about walking in the evenings. So relaxing to be able to exercise. Nice blog!

  4. I too am envious of DINKS ('double income no kid' couples). Why didn't I enjoy my freedom more? I wish Pinterest was invented back then - I could have actually tackled some of the DIY's I pin. xo


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