Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 bits of randomness

It's been a while since I've done a randomness post. 

 I'm always surprised by how much feed back I get on these.  I always think no one will read them, but then I'm pleasantly surprised with comments.  I'm not trying to pressure you to comment or anything, but feel free if your heart desires!

#1- We are all healthy again.  Praise God!!  Pretty much the entire month of March someone, mostly Jack, was sick.  I was at my breaking point.  Austin's runny nose started to make a reappearance this past weekend, but I've already noticed an improvement.  

#2- Our spring break is over. (insert sad face here)  We actually got to enjoy half of it.  By Wednesday Jackson was feeling better again and my sweet, silly boy was back.  I've blocked the first half of spring break from my memory.  It's just too horrible to think about.  (insert over dramatic face here)

#3- You won't believe this one, but Brent and I actually had a date night.  We went out to eat at Texas Road  House and it was yummy.  This day marked the downward spiral on my weight loss effort.  
please ignore the cactus that looks like it's growing out of my head

my rugged bearded man
the beard and hair are gone by the way
(sad face)
We have very few date nights.  As you know, my mom watches Jackson for us during the day while I work and I just hate asking her to babysit again during the evenings or weekends.  We already feel like we take advantage of her enough.  Once I'm not working anymore, we plan on having more date nights for sure.

We could pay a babysitter, but Jack is at a hard age right now with stranger danger, and I would hate to put a babysitter through that agony.  

#4- As previously mentioned, my weight loss efforts have take a slight backwards slide.  Actually with all the stress of getting Jackson well and happy again, I actually got down to 181.6 on last Wednesday.  I was pumped!

But then Thursday rolled around and we went out to eat on our date night and things just sort of went down hill from there with Easter candy and Easter dinner.  

So I'm starting this week at 184, which I'm not too upset about.  I'd like to get back to 182 by the end of the week though.  

#5- The countdown has begun!!!

37 days of school left. 

I always enjoy a good end of the school year countdown, but this year it's even more exciting, and a little bit scary, because I'm not coming back.  

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