Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!

Actually all these pics are from the day before Easter.  We went to an egg hunt thrown by three churches in our town, including ours.   

Mom working the sign in table.

Abigail and Kelsie

Running from slide to slide

Jack was a little unsure at first, but he warmed up.

sliding over and over

so happy Brent could come this year and take the place of a stroller holding all the kids stuff

my sweet niece Audrie

grass is fun

OMG, how cute are these????

they think they're cool

can't live without Nana

I was very impressed with Jackson's egg hunting skills.  

He went after it!

the loot

After the egg hunt we came home to color eggs. I wasn't impressed with the dye kit we bought, but it was cheap and you get what you pay for.  Next year when the kids are older, I'm going to try some of the cool pinterest ideas for dying eggs.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter Sunday!!  
Remember the true meaning of Easter, it's not bunnies, baskets, or candy.  
It's all about the fact that we have a LIVING GOD!!!!

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  1. Happy Easter! I'm jealous that you guys are in shorts! looks like you guys made the most of the weekend. xo


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