Wednesday, March 27, 2013

lots of pictures

My parents gave me their old camera.  It's about 5 years old and not super fancy like most bloggers I know, but to me it's pretty awesome.  I've been having a little too much fun playing with it.  That would explain why I have so many pictures in this post.  That being said, I'm still learning how to best use this new device, so most of the pictures could definitely be better.  I'd love to learn how to use the manual settings, but for now the auto will have to do.

Jack has been and is still very sick.  The following pictures were from last week and all were taken using the auto setting.  I've been practicing with the manual settings, pictures to come.  

Being outside is about the only thing that makes him happy.

Over the past weekend, Brent painted our island.  It used to be black.  I, of course, forgot to take a before picture, but here is the during and after. We were pretty happy with the results.


Brent's new ride!

We got free deliver and this free cart.  The kids have already been breaking it in!

Jack Jack loves wearing his flip flops, even in cold weather.

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