Friday, March 1, 2013

Helllloooo March Randomness!!

Hello March, I'm so glad you are here!  March means spring time, warmer weather, spring break, time change, Easter, and all sorts of things I love!!!  

If you blink you might miss spring time in Louisiana.  Our spring weather lasts for a few weeks and then the sweltering heat hits with full force!  

I had weigh in this morning.  

The scale sucks!

I am 188.6.  That is .2 more than last week, so basically the same exact weight!  I can only be mad at myself.  I've lost my drive and determination.  So I drowned my sorrows in a cinnamon twist donut and four donut holes, and now I'm going to rededicate myself to making healthier choices! lol  

Next week will be better!!! (I hope)

I know some of you are ready for part two of my mom's guest blog posts about her time aboard the cruise ship Triumph and I promise it will be up soon.  We have been soooo busy after school every day this week.

Monday: Bible study
Tuesday: Abigail Dance and Reading Night at school
Wednesday: Team Kids (church)
Thursday: Grocery Shopping

Abigail and Austin are spending the night at Brent's mom's tonight so I'm hoping for a quiet calm Friday night.  

Speaking of Abigail and Austin look how cute they were last night.  Abigail read Austin his bedtime story.  They thought they were so funny!

Alrighty friends, I guess that's it for now!
Have a great weekend!!!

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