Friday, March 15, 2013

weight loss update

I don't know if anyone noticed or not, but I didn't have a weight loss update last week.  Why not, you ask.  Well, because there was no weight loss to speak of, that's why!!  I was so aggravated with myself for gaining a pound, that I couldn't even blog about it.

Good came out of it, however, in the form of motivation.  Friday night I broke out my workout DVD and got to it.  I know myself, and the only way I can lose weight is to exercise.  My body will just not cooperate willingly, I must force the fat out.

I did my DVD workout again on Sunday afternoon during Jack's nap.  Then I went walking/jogging with my Couch to 5K app on Tuesday and Thursday.  Brent gets home at 6:30 and because of the time change I can squeeze in my run before it gets dark.  I love it!  I feel so much better when I am working out at least a few times a week.

Anyway, all that work paid off.  I lost 2 pounds this week.  I am down to 187.2.  I've lost a total of 6.8 pounds since starting biggest loser in January.  It's not the number I was hoping for by this point, but I'll take it.

On a different note, I don't think I will be running through my neighborhood anymore.  I got chased and barked at angrily by 4 different dogs.  It was not pleasant.  My sister and I are planning on going to the park to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we can.

I'm taking baby steps though, because if I try and workout every single day then I just get burnt out and frustrated.  I think twice a week and once on the weekend for now ought to do the trick.

Softball and t-ball are fixing to start so my plans could be in jeopardy here pretty soon.  I'm gonna have to learn to say no to nachos and popcorn.  Uh Oh!

Next week is the last week of biggest loser.  I'm happy and sad.  Happy I don't have to keep up with all the paperwork and weigh ins, but sad that I won't have that as a form of motivation.  I would like to lose 2.2 pounds next week.  My original goal was to lose 10 pounds total, but I really don't think I could lost 3.2, so I will change my goal to 9 pounds total.

I think I can, I think I can....


  1. Good for you, girl! Taking control of our bodies is so important. I'm not super good at it, but it motivates me when I hear of others who are getting on it. :-)

  2. A couple of bloggers that I follow are also trying to lose weight (as well as myself), and both have gained a pound or two at first, but lost it later. Also, muscle weighs more than fat, so an occasional extra pound here or there might be caused by less of your body being fat. Great progress so far!


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