Monday, March 25, 2013

two Easter parties

We are trying to enjoy spring break right now, but Jackson is still sick.  I'll update you more on that later, but for now lets focus on something positive.  

Abigail and Austin had their Easter parties at school last week.  They both had a great time.  I love going to their parties and seeing them playing and interacting with their classmates.  I especially love that they love being at school and really truly love their teachers.  We have been extremely blessed with awesome teachers every year since Abigail started school.  

Lots of pictures ahead...

Abigail waiting for some relay races.

She's never been the fastest.  

Hopping like a bunny!

My daughter is a total dork and I LOVE her for it!!
They played a game where she won the egg with fifty cents in it.  She was pumped!

Now it's time for Austin's party!
enjoying snacks before the egg hunt

ready to go

He is cracking up at another little boy in line who is being silly!!

Lined up with his class and ready to get some eggs.

He knows what to do when he sees the camera pointed his direction.

He bypassed many pink and purple eggs.  Those are obviously for girls.

checking out the loot

Happy Easter/Spring Break!!!

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