Wednesday, March 27, 2013

spring break so far

So we recently went through a hard time with Jack.  He had a double ear infection that began two weeks ago.  He went through one oral antibiotic but did not seem to improve.  

My mom took him back to the doctor where we were given another antibiotic to try and he got an antibiotic shot.  He seemed to improve for a day or two and then out of the blue this past Saturday, he started running a high fever.  It reached 104 at one point.  

Then on Sunday we noticed he started breaking out in red spots.

These are pictures from Sunday.  Sorry for the blurry I-Phone photos.

Monday we went back to the doctor where we learned his ears were still very red with infection.  The doctor thought the rash was just a viral reaction to the fever.

The next step in trying to defeat this ear infection required Jack to get one shot a day for three days in a row.  Poor baby really, really hates the doctors office now.

The following pictures are from Monday.
Yo Gabba Gabba helped us get through this.

sweet face

He got his shot on Monday and Tuesday but we still didn't think he was improving.  His rash was getting worse by the minute and he was terribly grumpy and seemed to be in pain.  I also noticed that he had a sores on his tongue.  

The following pictures are from Tuesday.
blurry phone pics again

After a horrible night on Tuesday night, we decided to take him back to the doctor. Turns out he has hand foot and mouth disease.  It's basically a virus, so there isn't much to you can do for it.  It can be very painful, especially the sores in the mouth.  

The good news was that his ears were clearing up.  The doctor gave us some Tylenol with codeine to help him deal with the pain.  

By Wednesday afternoon he was much, much better.  We are so ready to have our happy, silly Jack-Jack back.  

Oh and I think I forgot to mention that in the midst of all of this Abigail woke up Tuesday morning with a fever and throwing up.  She caught a stomach bug.  She's already getting over it, but it couldn't have been worse timing.

I'm thinking we have had enough sickness in March to last the year.  I'm down to my last little shred of patience with snotty noses, throwing up, fever, coughing, and rashes.

I really believe we are finally on the road to recovery and might still have a couple days left of spring break to enjoy.

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