Monday, March 18, 2013

weekend randomness ~ mustache edition

Well we are still sick in our house.  I will say we are getting better, but still not 100% recovery.  

Jackson is still pretty snotty all around.  

Austin is much better, only blowing his nose a few times a day instead of a few times a minute.  

Abigail's ears are healing nicely, but now she is getting congested and coughing a lot.  

Even I am sick, and I hardly ever get sick.  I really thought that my ear might explode Sunday night from all the fluid and pressure build up.  I've never had an ear ache like that before.  

Brent bought these drops for me and within 30 minutes all the pain was gone.  My ears are still plugged up and everything sounds like I'm in a tunnel, but at least there is no pain.  

Love these things!!

Jackson has been a little needy, frustrated, mess lately, but when I saw him sitting like this in the car it made me smile.  You think he's relaxed?

I went to a baby shower for my sister's sister in law this weekend.  They had a cute mustache theme!  

Me and my sister in law Nicole

my sister Kelsie

I threw this picture in just in case you thought I was exaggerating about the little needy, frustrated, mess!

So my new goal is that we will all be healthy by next weekend.  Next weekend is the beginning of our spring break and boy do I need a break.  

Oh and Austin's first year of t-ball starts this week, so I'm sure I'll be posting about that soon.  He has been dying to play baseball.  He's watched Abigail play for 2 years now and it's finally his turn.  I just hope he doesn't cry too much.  He is sort of a crier.  

Y'all have a good week!

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  1. Poor things! I'm sorry you're all not feeling well!!! Your goal of getting better by the weekend is a good one. I approve. ;-)


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