Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trains, Trains, and more Trains, plus a little American Idol

Austin wanted to take a picture with his trains.  These are all we could scrounge up in a few minutes.  I know he has more scattered about the house.  This boy loves his trains.  I never would have thought he would be into trains, considering I think the Thomas the Train show is so boring.  I never could understand why kids liked it, but he loves it. 

Are you watching American Idol this year?  I was skeptical too, but so far I am enjoying it. These are my favorites.

Lauren, I think has one of the best voices, but she is so young. I don't know if she is really ready.

I love Scotty's personality and his smirk while he sings.  I don't think he will win the whole thing but he will be here for a while.

Casey is just plain entertaining.  He is very musically talented, but sometimes his voices is a little to scruffy.

I don't know why I like Paul.  I just like watching him dance.  He has an interesting voice, but I wouldn't say it was that great.  I just like watching him. 

As for my prediction about who is going home tonight, I would have to say Karen.   


  1. -wow-. You have called the entire show so far. You should take Jennifer Lopez's spot!


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