Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shop till you drop!

I had a very productive, and fun day today.  My mom, my sister, and I went to three garage sales.  They were all a bust.  Then we went to the mall to do some shopping, where I spent too much money, but bought some much needed maternity clothes.  Next we had a yummie lunch.  Then we saw the movie Red Riding Hood.  It was pretty good.  Lastly we shopped a little bit more, and spent more money.  All and all it was a fun, expensive, tiring, great day.  I love spending quality time with the girls.  Now back home to the reality of motherhood and a dirty house. 

The kids are back from spending the night with Brent's mom.  They both had a blast as usual.  Even though I look forward to every other Friday getting a break from them.  I always start to miss them by Saturday afternoon.   We are thinking about going to the movies tomorrow with the kids to see Mars Needs Moms.  We haven't taken them to do something fun in a while.  I know they would love it. 

Now I am going to go put my feet up and relax.  The laundry can wait until tomorrow!

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