Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Staying Positive in January

January is usually my least favorite month, but this year I'm trying to stay positive. 
So obviously, when I saw Asha's link up I had to join in!!

The Dansha Diaries

We've had some good things happen so far this January, so hopefully that will continue.

It's been a while since my last randomness post, so here ya go....

Here is Jack sporting his new, super cute, beaver hat.

Jackson and Daddy snuggling on the couch.  He is still so attached to his bottle.  It's going to be a battlefield around here when we decided to take away the bottle.  
I'm in no hurry!!

Austin is student of the month for his pre-k class this month.
This is hanging on the bulletin board outside his classroom.
He is so proud!

A miracle has occurred, Austin ate a vegetable.  
If you are new here you may not have read about how picky of an eater Austin is, but believe me when I say he is in category all his own.

Not only did he eat corn, he ate a whole entire helping of it!!

This just made me laugh!!
If you haven't checked out all the hilarious Ermahgerd pictures, you should definitely google it.


  1. You have some adorable kiddos :) Love the beaver hat!



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