Wednesday, January 2, 2013

4 AM Wake up Call

At about 11 pm New Years Eve, I was fixing to nod off and suddenly I felt the urge to pray.  I hadn't really felt motivated to set New Year goals or resolutions, but I prayed that God would grab hold of my heart and pull me out of the 2012 slump I was in currently and help me to be better in 2013.  I was tired of falling short so often and feeling tired and run down.

 It was a simple little prayer, but it worked.

I woke up New Years morning not feeling much different.  In fact the day went on as usual, very little prayer time, no bible time or personal God time.  Went to bed.

Jackson woke up at 4 am the next morning and absolutely refused to go back to sleep.  Brent and I were both miserable and I was getting a really bad attitude about the whole thing.  I could feel the anger rising up and so finally at 6 am I took Jackson in the living room and flipped on the TV.  After surfing a few channels I stopped on a channel where Beth Moore was teaching. 

Really!!!!  Beth Moore!!

I'm not usually interested in watching Bible sermons or lessons on TV channels, but this time I got totally sucked in.  She is such a Godly woman and so easy to listen to.  She was talking about listening to God speaking to her heart and trusting him even when it was super hard.  She is so funny and that in itself cheered me up significantly.

When her lesson ended I started surfing the channels again and came across Joyce Meyer teaching on another channel.

What are the odds???

The words God spoke through her were a bit more convicting.  She spoke about reaping what you sew.  She spoke about how many of us never graduate and from being "Baby Christians" and continue to live for our own desires and purposes.  She spoke about how we will never really fully experience the greatness of God because we are so inwardly focused.  I think the title of her  lesson had the words "pay day" in it.  She spoke about us all having a pay day  and some will be better than others, but we will all get what we deserve, or reap what we sew. 

What will your pay day be like?  Will God be please with your efforts here on earth??

She talked about how we try and squeeze God into our busy daily lives and tell ourselves that we are trying really hard to make time for Him.   

God spoke directly to me through her when she said that we should make God the priority and then try and squeeze everything else in around Him!!!

At 8:30am  Jackson went back to bed and I showered and go around and then immediately felt convicted to pray, read my Bible, and set some Goals for the new year. 

Well, anyway I felt like sharing how already today on January 2nd God is speaking to me and helping me get my priorities straight. 

I am super excited about this new year.  I feel like some awesome things will happen this year and in the process God will be glorified!!  I can't wait!!

I'm currently working on and praying about my 2013 goals and of course will be sharing them. 

Phillipians 3:14 is going to be motivations verse of 2013

I love how something that seems so horrible at the time (waking up at 4 am on my last day off) can turn into something so awesome!! 

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  1. Awesome story!! It amazes me and thrills me that God will do anything to talk to us...even wake our babes so we will turn on the TV and soak in His word. :)

    Love to you my blogging friend!!


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