Friday, January 4, 2013

My 2013 Goals Part 1

So I sat down to write down my goals for the new year and the list became rather long.  So instead of overwhelming everyone with a long list, I'll just do a few at a time.  These first three are all on the spiritual side of life.

Number 1 (usually every year) -- Have regular daily quiet time and prayer time!

I love it when I get in the groove with my daily walks with God.  Everything seems brighter and easier.  Why is it so easy to fall out of that?  I'm determined to continue this all year.  Even if I fall off the wagon here and there I'm not going to give up.

 I've been waking up at 5:30 for the past three mornings to spend quiet time in prayer and in God's word and I can already tell a difference in my attitude and the way I handle stressful situations.

Number 2 -- Read the entire Bible.

I have a little book that helps you read a chapter from 3 different books every day and gets your through in one year.  So far so good for the first 3 days!!

I'm trying NOT to read real fast, just trying to get through it.  I want to think about what I'm reading and learn what God wants me to learn through his word that day.

Number 3 --  Pray with my children more.

We always pray before supper, but we have been very sporadic with our bed time prayer lately.  Abigail got a new bible for Christmas and has been really into reading it.  She is coming up on an age where God could start working on her heart and I want to be sure I help guide her, and all my kids, to a relationship with Christ.


  1. Great goals! Like you, I find when I'm intentional about my quiet time I am a calmer, nicer, less stressed person. It completely affects my family's attitudes and behaviors.

    When I committed to read the Bible in a year I decided to write down a verse that spoke to me that day. It was helpful in keeping me focused. It didn't work as well in Leviticus!! ;)

    Happy New Year!

    1. Good idea!! Thanks for the tip :)

      Happy New Year to you!!


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