Friday, January 18, 2013

Biggest Loser Weigh-in 2

Yay for weight loss!!!

So today was our first lose or gain weigh in for our Biggest Loser competition at work, and everyone did great!!

There are 17 participants in our competition and we lost a total of 50.4 pounds this week as a group!!

I lost 3 pounds this week, which I am totally thrilled about.  I was very strict with my calories with the help of MyFittnessPal app.  I didn't get a chance to really exercise this week, so imagine what I could have lost if I had.  

I was also very proud of myself for holding out and not weighing myself all week.  Honestly, I was scared of getting discouraged in the middle of the week so that helped me avoid the scale. 

So my new weight starting week two is 191 pounds!

I'm really hoping to get in the 180's this week and and say goodbye to the 190's forever.  I've been stuck in the 190's for almost a year now and just plain sick of them. 

I'm also hoping to get at least three workouts in this week.  

Here is a little inspiration for the week.  

Good advice!!


  1. You go girl...rock on! I'm so happy for you. :). Love the quote you posted. I definitely need to write that down.

    Have a great weekend! Xoxo

  2. What's your myfitnesspal user name? Let's be friends! :) I'm msdeyle I think.

  3. So... I came back to this page on accident (since I already read it) and didn't realize you had responded to my post. Why does blogger comments do this?!! If you respond, it should notify me, don't you think? So I know that you did?

    I switched to Disqus so I could respond easier... ugh. But I'm glad i came back and saw this! ha.


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