Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goals Part 2

Now I will reveal to you part 2 of my 2013 goals.  If you haven't read my previous 2013 Goals Part 1 you can read it here.

Now I will to you part 2 of my 2013 goals...

Number 4: Lose 20-30 pounds!! 
I had my plan for this all in place and ready to go, but then I got my 4 AM wake up call and all of that flew out the window. 
My original plan was so start waking up early in the mornings to workout.  I usually do better that way because then it's over and done with and I don't think about it and dread it all day. 
But then I realized that I wanted my first priority every day to be spending time with God, so instead of working out, I am snuggling on the couch with a cup of coffee and spending time with God. 
I've done the whole workout every morning and count calories and I've had decent results, but it's always been me trying to do it all by myself.  So this time round I decided to let God help me. 
I am doing something I've never done before while trying to lose weight and that is....

 I'm praying about it. 
Why not? 
 I'm asking God to give me energy and desire to exercise in the evenings, and to resist unhealthy snacking and nighttime eating.  Everything I do should glorify God, even weight loss, so here's hoping it's God's plan for me to lose 20-30 pounds this year.   
I'm also not setting unrealistic goals.  I really would like to lose 50 pounds, but I think I will just start out with a 20-30 pound goal for this year.
Another big change is not weighing myself every day.  Yes I am obsessive like that.  I'm only going to weight once a week.  I'm organizing a biggest loser competition at work, so our weigh in days will be Friday's. 

Number: Pay off remaining credit card debt and student loans!!
This has been such a source of stress and unhappiness in our lives for so long, but we are finally moving in the right direction.  With Brent's new job we are taking some large strides toward being debt free.  It feels so good to finally be paying some of this debt off. 

We are hoping by the end of the year to have very, very little left to pay off.

If you have a bunch of Debt or just financial worries, you should really check out Dave Ramsey.

We went through the Financial Peace University program a few years ago at our church and it's really been a life saver.

Number 6: Sell our House
We have only lived in our house for 2.5 years, but we decided to sell and downsize in order to lower our monthly bills and pay off debt faster.  We think that the sacrifice of living in a smaller home for a few years in well worth the benefit of being debt free. 

Our house has been on the market since last Spring, so it hasn't been looking very good for us.  We are trying to stay positive. 

We actually have someone coming to look at the house today.  It could be the one!!

Number 7:  Unspoken Goal
We have something we have been praying about for going on 2 years now that might finally happen this year.  In fact we are about 99 percent sure that it will, but I can't spill the beans just yet. 

Alrighty, so those are all my goals for 2013.  I'm feeling pretty good about them. 

Of course, we should all remember that apart from God we can do nothing.

 My prayer is that as I accomplish these goals, God will receive the Glory and not me.

Don't worry, I will be keeping y'all updated on how things are going. 

Have you set your Goals for 2013 yet???

If not, you should totally get on that!!


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