Sunday, January 6, 2013

Family Photo Shoot

We have literally been planning this photo shoot for a year.  Last Christmas, we were sitting around and talking about how needed to take family pictures with my friend and co-worker who shoots pictures on the side. 
So we planned for when my two nieces would be in town and these are the results. 
Love them!!
 The whole gang!!

 Nana and Papa with their six grandbabies.
 Isn't this pose cool? 
Not your traditional group shot.
 My good looking crew!!

My brother and his four girls!!
 Kelsie and Grant, the newlyweds
The ones who started it all, my parents!
It's become sort of a family tradition for us to take jumping pictures. 



  1. Wow, I love the photos! Especially the last jumping photos! The color coordination looks fabulous with the back drop too!

  2. the pictures turned out GREAT!!

  3. the pictures turned out GREAT!!

  4. Jumping with a baby!! Ha - risky business.

    Where did you get your hubby's shirt? I LOVE that style and am always looking for my hubby.

    Your family picture is so cute - love you two holding hands. And the photo that is less traditional is nice for us that doesn't know everybody - easier to figure out who is with who!

    Probably easier to just email me back.... :)

  5. Love,Love,Love these pictures! you have such a sweet family. I would love to get my brothers together and do something like this. You are very blessed to have all of your family so close :)
    ps. tell your mom I said hello!


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