Monday, September 17, 2012

suzie homemaker

This post is embarrassing, but I'm keeping things real here on this little blog.

It's basically just one big confession.  As much as a I wish I was the perfect wife, mother, chef, and career woman, it just aint so!!

This was the cake I attempted to make for Jackson birthday in early August. 

This was the best the cake ever looked.

For some reason it just started breaking in half.  It looked rather like the beginnings of a canyon.

And very slowly both sides of the cake continued to slide off the sides. 
Pretty, I know!

At this point Brent and I broke out the forks and dug in.  I knew there was no salvaging it. 
Needless to say, I had to go buy a cake for Jack Jack's birthday. 

So call me Suzie Homemaker if you like. 
I know I've impressed you with my baking talent.

Covered in Grace

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  1. Too funny. I've had a mishap or two that the outcome was the same. My mistakes always taste good tho. Thanks for sharing.


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