Monday, September 10, 2012

Abigail turns 7

I can't believe my baby girl is 7 years old.  
Seriously, I just blinked.

Brent and I got her a new bike.  She was still riding her little tiny bike, so this was a bit of an adjustment for her, but within a few days she was riding like a pro.  She has such short legs, poor thing, just like her Mom and Dad.

Of course we had to have a party and invite all her friends, plus some.  Her theme was sort of a mixture between butterfly 3D and an artist party. 

I found these really cute 3D decorations at walmart last month and they were super cheap, so I snatched them up. 

Brent was out of town training for his new job and missed Abigail's birthday.  He felt really guilty so he sent Abigail some flowers at school. 

She was literally beaming with happiness as she walked down the hallway to her classroom carrying her flowers.

Abigail and I decided that sending cupcakes to school for her class was old news, so we made these Oreo cookie lollipops. 

They weren't quite as simple to make as they looked on pinterest, but they tasted super yummy!!

The girls at Abigail's party painted little figurines.  They had a blast!

We had about 12 girls show up, which was just about right. 

 It was a tad chaotic, but what good party isn't!

Abigail and her BFF Elizabeth!

Don't forget about the peanut gallery! 
Audrie and Jackson had a good time hanging out with the big girls.

There's my sticker face 7 year old girl!!

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