Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I want to move

- I HATE living in Louisiana. I'm sorry if this sounds totally traitorous to all those Cajuns out there, but I just do. Not to say that there aren't some great things about this state because there are, but they just don't out weigh the bad in my opinion. I wasn't born here and my family has no roots or background in this state.

Here is my list of things I don't like about living here in Louisiana:

1. Humidity: We literally cannot play or do much of anything outside during the summer for fear of heat stroke.

2. We really don't have much of a fall or winter. We could wear shorts and short sleeved shirts just about every Christmas. (this is such a bummer)  Our Spring is nice but only lasts about 2 weeks.

3. It's not pretty. Again, this is just my opinion. Some people might think pine trees and marsh land is pretty, but not me.

4. The preconceived notions that people in LA all live in swamps with alligators, wear overalls, are missing teeth, and are uneducated. I blame the news stations for this one. They always seek out the weirdest people to interview on camera.

5. The heat and humidity again, because that is a biggy!

6. Love bugs! Those of you reading this that aren't from around here might not have a clue as to what I'm talking about so I will clue you in with a few pics of these annoying flying beasts.

Don't be fooled by this innocent looking bug.

They don't bite or sting but they swarm.  Their chemical makeup is acidic and corrosive, so it's extremely difficult to get love bug guts off of your car.  Pain in the butt!!

This picture says Florida, but it's the same in Louisiana.  You might think this it's an exaggeration, but it's not.  Seriously it gets this bad. 

My ideal place to live would have these characteristics:
1. beautiful scenery
2. four seasons (no extremes) 
3. low humidity
4. within a days drive to my Mom's house
5. no love bugs

You see I'm not all that picky!

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