Tuesday, September 4, 2012


- Things are super crazy busy around here, hence my lack of blogging. Although I do get on blogger almost everyday and read others posts. Reading blogs is part of my relaxation routine after Jack goes to bed.
1. Bath
2. Facebook
3. Blog reading
4. Bed

I look forward to this time every night. I know I know, you wish you had this exciting life. Don't worry maybe someday!

- Brent (the husband) just started a new job. We are really, really happy about this, but it could be long hours without Daddy around. In fact he is leaving for Pennsylvania this week for some training, so I'll be experiencing my first dose if single working mother. Pray for me!

-I took a long break from pinterest but I've recently found myself drawn back to the site to pin hundreds of holiday pins! I need to stop and actually do/make/cook some of these things!

-The following picture is just really cute, so I thought I would share.

-The next picture is really old, but I love it. Abigail and Elizabeth (the two in the middle) have been best friends since kindergarten. We LOVE Elizabeth and her family. I really hope they stay best friends forever. BFF

-I've mentioned in previous posts how much Jackson loves to play outside. This is him right after coming back inside from playing in the heat. He was so sweaty his hair stuck straight up. (he did have pants and shoes on outside just in case you were wondering)

Well look at that, two posts in two days!! What has gotten into me?

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  1. ok I laughed out loud at the pic of Jackson!! so cute.

    And your night sounds very similar to my own!


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