Tuesday, August 27, 2013

sick boy and paper airplanes

I had a very sick boy all last week.  Austin ran fever and suffered from bad diarrhea for 5 long days.  He was miserable, which made me miserable because I couldn't really help him.  I was mentally exhausted and stressed by the end of the week, but by Saturday morning he finally stopped running fever and started perking up.
I'm so extremely relieved and happy to have my happy healthy boy back.  Now I'm just crossing my fingers that Abigail and Jack don't catch this nasty bug going around.

Sunday afternoon Austin asked me to make him a paper airplane.  So I made him the easy traditional paper plane, but he wasn't very impressed.  So I hit YouTube and made this fancy paper airplane.

I was very proud of myself.  

Before long the entire family was involved in paper airplane races.

 Jack's paper plane was pretty mangled!

Trying to get planes to stick in the flowers became the new game.

It was a fun afternoon of family fun.  

I highly encourage any families out there who are sitting around the house bored, to get some paper and make some planes. 
 I promise everyone will have an awesome time.

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