Monday, August 12, 2013

gearing up to NOT go back to school

That's right folks, after teaching for the past 6 years I am not going back!  After much, like 2 years, of praying about this, we finally made it happen.  I am 100 percent that this is what God wants for me and even though we will have a lot less money, I feel very at peace with my decision.  

A lot of people have been asking me how it feels now that the teachers have been back to work, and honestly it feels a little weird, like I should be doing something like getting a classroom ready or making plans, but then I feel major relief when I realize that's not my life anymore.  

I've also been so distracted by being homeless and living with my parents, that I haven't really had time to dwell on it.  Hopefully, we will be closing on our new house in early to mid September.  

I am very ready for school to start on Wednesday.  Abigail will be in third and Austin will be in kindergarten.  They need to get back into a routine and I need a break from three kids at home all day.  Jackson is such a handful right now, it will be a tad easier with just him around.  


On a completely separate note, I finally found a vitamin that Austin will take.  He is my extremely extreme picky eater.  He doesn't eat any fruit or vegetable, so I've always wished he would take vitamins, but up until now would not touch any form of vitamin, even the gummy ones.  

I saw these and Target and to my surprise he willingly and happily at two and loved them.  He has taken two every day since then.  

They are pretty expensive, like 10.99 for the bottle, but to me it's worth it for him to get more nutrients!

Healthy kids = Happy Mommy

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