Monday, August 5, 2013

more birthday pics

Short recap for those of you who didn't read my previous post.

Sunday we celebrated Jackson and Reese's birthdays together at the park.  The two themes were Monsters Inc., which Jack calls Monster Ip.  

Then the girly theme was Sophia the First.  Reese is into all things girly.

We also rented a bouncy house.  The kids would have enjoyed this more if it hadn't been so EXTREMELY HOT!

We seriously felt like we were melting.  This will probably be Jack's one and only outdoor party.  The month of August is not a good month for outdoors in Louisiana!  

Austin and his older cousin Sawyer had a great time playing together. 

Jack's Aunt Christy got this adorable shirt made for Jack. 
 He didn't want to wear it, but I forced it on him anyway. 

Every time I look at this next picture I crack up.  Austin is going through a horrible fake smile phase, and this one is the worst I've seen!

Jack says "wing mama, wing" (swing)

It was soooo hot that eventually the boys found a way to keep cool by playing in a water puddle.  

Jack eventually got in on the fun too!

Abigail and her Paw-Paw Terry!

Sweet Audrie loved her some balloons!

Actually all the little ones loved the clump of balloons!

There should only be one more picture filled posts after this one.  I took a ton of pictures, but it was a fun day and I wanted to document all the great family memories!!

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