Saturday, August 3, 2013

Abigail could be part fish

Abigail loves, loves, loves the water.  Ever since she was little, if she found a small puddle of water she would find a way to play in it!  

So of course when the sprinklers come on she is just dying to get soaked!

I love this picture with her silly face.  It captures some real Abigail personality.  
She is such a goofy, goofball.  

Jack really liked the idea of playing in the sprinkler, but didn't actually play in the sprinkler. Actually, he kept calling it a shower.

This last picture was after I told him it was time to go inside and take a bath.  He is arguing with me, saying "no mommy, no bath!"  

Oh the joys of the hard headed almost two year old!! 

Every answer to every question is an automatic NO, even if he really does want the cookie, or juice we just asked him if he wanted.  He sometimes says no, followed by a quick okay!  He doesn't ever say yes, he says okay!  

It's really cute!!

We are having Jackson's birthday party tomorrow.  His actually birthday is not until the 10th, but his cousin Reese, who was born 4 days before him, even though she was not due to be born until a couple weeks after him, will be in town and so my sister-in-law Christy and I planned a joint birthday party.  

I'm just praying that Jack will take a nap tomorrow before the party, so he doesn't ruin the good time with his crazy grumpiness.  

I just can't believe he is turning two already!  I'm not really sad though.  These past two years haven't been super easy and he is not by any means easy.  I'm not rushing his growing up, but I am ready for him to be out of the baby/toddler stage!  Some people are baby people, but I am not!  I prefer the ages 4 and up!

I seriously would stop time to keep Abigail and Austin from growing any older.  She's turning 8 in September, and he will be 6 in October.  
They are a breeze and so fun to be around!

Anyway, I'm hoping all the planning and effort put into this double birthday party pays off and we all have a great time!!  

You already know I'll be posting pics soon!

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