Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a vapor

What is your life? 
For you are a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes.  James 4:14

I had some really bad moments with the kids yesterday, where I found myself wishing they would hurry and grow up.  I found myself wishing my life were different and really feeling sorry for myself.

  I hate it when I get to the place where I start asking myself questions like...

 "Will my life ever get easier?" 


 "Why is it that my life and my kids are so much harder than everyone else's?"

I know that isn't true and I hate myself after I think it!  I absolutely adore my kids, they are my life and truly bring me so much joy!  

I start thinking about how short life is and about how many parents out there are crying themselves to sleep because their children are ill and dying, or have already died.  I know how blessed I am, yet I still fall into these pitty parties.  Why?

I hope there are other mothers out there that feel this way sometimes and it's not just me!  

What I love about the blog world is that as soon as I got online tonight to started perusing some of my favorite bloggers, I came across this verse, James 4:14, on a post!  

Exactly what I needed to read!

My time on this earth and with my sweet babies is like a vapor and I'm going to do my best to appreciate every moment and focus on the positive!!!

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  1. You are most definitely NOT alone. I ocassionally get down on "life". With 4 small children and a full time job outside the house, it all comes crashing down from time to time. I just have to remember all the blessings I have: 4 healhty, happy, well adjusted kids that are the light of my life. Life is not so bad.

    Hang in there. It ALWAYS turns around.


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