Sunday, September 29, 2013

Randomness again

I haven't posted a randomness post in forever, so here ya go!

1. I bought some new bedding for our bed.  I love the colors!  We've never really had a nicely coordinated bed set before.  I found all of this at Target.  I'm keeping my eyes open for a yellow bed skirt because I think it could use a little more color on the bottom. 

Brent is planning on making us a head board.  I think it will be pretty cool.  It's going to have a rustic barn door feel to it. It will look a lot better once we add that.

We've never had throw pillows on our bed before, so it's been a bit of an adjustment for us to make the bed.  I think we'll survive it though.

 2. This is a hanging deal that my mom and dad made for me for Christmas last year.  We had a crafty Christmas where we all made gifts instead of buying.  It was fun, but stressful at the same time. I've decided to use mine for my necklaces.  It could be used for a coat rack too, but I like it for my jewelry. 

3.  Jack had a minor surgery to put tubes in his ears last week.  It was so incredibly fast from the time they took him back, to the time they brought him back to the room was probably less than half an hour.  He was really scared and disoriented afterwards and just cried and screamed pretty much until we left.  I think he just wanted to leave.  

As soon as we got home he was pretty much back to his normal self.  You would never know he ever had surgery.  He was even playing outside with Ellie.

4.  I've got all my Halloween decorations out already.  I love decorating my new house.  I've picked up a few new things.  I'll have to take some pics and show you what I've got.

5.  If you read my previous post then you know I've started sewing.  I'm really into it right now and I hope it's not something that I do for a while and then lose interest.  I would really like to get good at it.  Here's an apron I made today.

Please ignore the bras hanging on the door. Lol

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