Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful day 2 & 3 plus Halloween Pics

I'm continuing with my plan to blog about one thing I am thankful for each day.  I need to play a little catch up today!

Day 2 & 3

These two faces!!


I am thankful for my Abba Dabba (Abigail)!!  She is a constant entertainment.  You never know what is going to come flying out of her mouth next! Our lives would be pretty boring without her.  Although she is going through a semi bad attitude phase in her life right now, I still really enjoy just hanging out and talking to her.

I do sometimes feel guilty that I am so distracted by her two, more needy, brothers and can't spend as much quality time with her as I would like.  Something I need to work on for the future!


I am also so thankful for my Bubba (Austin).  From the age of 18 months to about 3.5 he was a grumpy fellow and not always easy to be around, but in the past year he has really matured and is happy 95% of the time.  He is turning into a little ball of sunshine.  Everyone is always telling me how happy he seems.  He is loving school and has learned so much in just 3 short months. 

And below you will get an idea of how fun our Halloween was this year!! 

 I can't believe it's November already!

Abigail was a spider countess. 
She wanted to be something scary this year.

Obviously Austin was Iron Man!

And Jack Jack was Captain America! 
The hat did not stay on long.

My niece Audrie!

We went to Sonic and ate 50 cent corn dogs!  We've done this for the past couple of years. 
It's starting to become a tradition!

The whole gang! Well the whole Louisiana gang anyway!

Trick or Treating

The goods!

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