Thursday, November 29, 2012

broken ornaments

Jackson has only broken one ornament so far, but he's come very close to breaking several others. 

I knew this Christmas would be difficult for him.  He's only 15 months old, and so a Christmas tree looks like a huge tree full of shiny new toys.  

We even took extra precautions and put the tree and decorations up while he was in bed, so he wouldn't see us handling things.  

That didn't seem to work.

What's really frustrating is that he doesn't lay a finger on any of my mom's two Christmas trees!!!
Actually that shouldn't surprise me.  He is always more obedient and happier at Nana's house.  

I think that he thinks Nana's house is where he really lives, and that our house is the babysitters.

Anyway, hopefully that one ornament will be the only broken one this year.  Luckily it had no sentimental value, just a shiny red ball ornament.  He probably thought it was literally a ball and chucked it across the room.  I didn't see it, I only heard it shatter from the other room.  

I sort of remember having to deal with grabby baby hands with my other two kiddos, but Jackson is so much more destructive than they ever were.  

Hopefully our Christmas decor will survive this Christmas!! 

Enjoy the pics!!

 Don't let that innocent face fool you!!

 Grabby hands

 Family Tree

 Abigail's tree in her room.

Austin's tree in his room.


  1. Ok, the precious face has fooled me!! He is adorable...I say the ornament fell on its own!! ;)

    Your children are too cute. I love the idea of trees in their rooms. My kids would think that was awesome. I may have to look for some good deals.

    1. We bought all of the kids stuff after Christmas at 50-75% off! I'm going to be buying one for Jack after Christmas this year. They love having their own trees. I would put a tree in every room of the house if we had the room and the money!!

  2. oh I remember this stage all too well!!! we would decorate only the top half of the tree! C used to think they were balls too. lol

  3. you know, they make those plastic, pretty convincing, ornaments, if you really wanted to save your "special" ones for a few years and just go with those for now. It might save some heartache, and certainly can be fun to chase around the house as they bounce off the tree versus having to carefully pick up the razor thin pieces. maybe? =)


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  4. I'm stopping by from the great CHristmas Tree Linky!! I love your blog. I am a new follower!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Your tree, decorations and gifts look beautiful. I'm Hanna and you can find me over at

    xoxoxo Hanna


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