Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful Day 10 & experimental cooking

It may sound simple, but I'm thankful for the food in our pantry.  Having plenty of food to eat is something I believe we all take for granted.  So many people around the world are starving and unsure of where their next meal will come from.  I think we would be surprised how many of our neighbors are in that exact situation.  So often we think that it's only the tribes in Africa, but there are starving men, women, and children in every city in America.  

I did a little experimental cooking last night and surprisingly it turned out well.  I crushed up some ritz crackers and mixed them up with a packet of ranch dressing mix.  Then I took my Tilapia, dunked them in vegetable oil and then coated them with the ranch cracker mix.  Then I baked them for about 20 minutes.  They were delicious. 

I almost forgot to take a picture of the final product, so all I have is this piece with a big chunk missing.  Brent was in the process of finishing off the last piece when I took this picture.

I'll probably be absent for a while. 
 I'm heading out of town for a couple of days for a Math conference.  
Have a Great Weekend!!

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