Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Flu

Tuesday morning Jackson woke up from a terrible nights sleep with a fever.  He probably woke up every hour throughout the night, so I knew something was up.  Brent volunteered to stay home and take him to the doctor.  

I just knew he would have a virus, or an ear infection, but was totally shocked to hear he had the flu.  

None of us have ever had the flu before.  

I had the flu shot last month and both of the older kids had the flu mist.  

I took off Wednesday to stay home with him, but it really wasn't all that necessary. 

It must be a very mild strain of flu, though because he has been very happy.  He only ran a temp once, he has constant green gunk coming from his nose, and is often coughing, but other than that he's in a pretty good mood.  

He's been grumpier on a healthy day just for no reason.  

I had fun hanging with my little man all day.

What our counter looks like right now!!

I must say he has really handled this like a super hero.   
He even wore his captain America costume around for little while.  

Love my little guy!!  

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  1. He is too, too precious! Glad to hear that it didn't get that bad. I'm sure he got well off of the many hugs his sweet mama gave him! :)


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