Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Funfilled Christmas Weekend

Austin went on his first field trip this past Friday.  He was really mostly excited about riding a bus.  

He's always wanted to ride a bus.

They went to the mall take a picture with Santa and to make Pretzels at Aunt Annie's Pretzels.

He is such an awesome fake smiler!!

They took a group class picture.

Then he got his turn!  He asked Santa for Iron Man Lego set.  

Did you know that the Iron Man Lego set is sold out at all of our local Walmarts, Target, and Toys R Us?  And it is also sold out online at all of those places???  

Thank goodness that Santa checked Amazon because they happened to have 3 left!!  

Making a pretzel

He said he was making a snake.

And twist it like so....

The most beautifully symmetrical pretzel ever!!!

Saturday morning my mom picked up the big kids and took them back to the mall to buy Christmas gifts for the Angel Tree.  They each chose a child and helped my mom pick out stuff they would like to donate.  

Of course they each got a little something too thanks to a Nana who likes to spoil them!

After the donations and lunch they saw the movie Rise of the Guardians in 3D.  
They loved it!!

Then to round out the fun weekend, Abigail was invited to a birthday party at an indoor swim arena.  Her BFF Elizabeth was there too and they had a blast!!

I love weekends like this, except for how fast they fly by!!

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