Sunday, December 16, 2012


It just makes my stomach hurt thinking about what happened to those poor babies in Connecticut.  I absolutely hate this for those families, that town, and our country. 

As a teacher myself, I can't help but picture my school, principals, teachers, and students when I hear the story of what happened. 

Friday afternoon in the hallways of our school the other teachers and myself were asking ourselves hard questions.  What would we do if that happened here? Would we sacrifice our lives for our students?

Obviously, we can't really know exactly what we would do in such horrific situation, but all our answers were overwhelmingly YES!  Absolutely Yes!!

 It's a sad world where teachers have to ask themselves this. 

I know, because of my faith and trust in my heavenly Father, that something good will come through this.  Hearts will be touched and changed.  I can already see it through some of the parents of these victims.  Amazingly, they are speaking out about how they are forgiving the shooter and pray for his family.  That takes God's Grace!!!!

I just hope and pray that people will focus on the victims and hero's in this tragedy and not glorify and make famous the killer.

Spread the word about the blogger day of silence on Tuesday, December 18th.

 I found this button at Kelly's Korner.  

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