Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jack Jack 16 months

Jackson turned 16 months on December 10th. 

Since I haven't been keeping up with his baby book, I figured I better do an updated post on how he's coming along.

Jackson is trouble, but the good kind!!
This was after I'd given him some leftover chocolate chips to eat.
I would say he thoroughly enjoyed them.


His sleeping was a little sporadic the past couple of weeks because he had the flu.  He's starting to even out again.  We put  him to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 and he will usually sleep through the night.  Sometimes he will wake up around 4 or 5 am for a bottle or just to play, which is why we've been keeping him up till 8ish lately.

We don't have to rock him or anything, we just lay him down with a bottle, his blanket, and a musical glowing sea horse and goes right to sleep.


Unfortunately, yes he is still having a bottle three times a day.  He has one in the morning, one for nap and one for bedtime.  If he's really cranky we will give him an extra one.  He  doesn't take a pacifier so I think the bottle his soothing technique.

He's my last baby, so I'm not in a huge rush to break him of his bottle just yet.

He is a great solid food eater too.  He will eat just about anything you give him.  He would rather feed himself than be fed, which is fine with me, except for things like oatmeal or soup.

Some of his favorites lately:
popcorn (he has a bunch of teeth)
hash browns (he ate a whole order of hash brown bites from Burger King)
chicken nuggets
cooked carrots
green beans
the list goes on and on

He is also into dipping things lately.  I showed him how to dip carrots in ranch.  Then he noticed me dipping my hash browns in ketchup and so he dipped everyone of his hash browns too.  He barely gets any on it, but he seems to enjoy it.

He is saying a bunch of words.
Babba-Abigail (we call her Abba)
Maddie (my parents dog, he loves her)
Ke--- Kelsie
flower- I haven't heard this, but mom has.

He communicates really well without words as well, by pointing and pulling us places to show us what he wants.


Usually when I say bath time, Jackson will take off toward the bathroom saying baa, baa.  But the other day he ran into the bathroom, looked around and then ran out babbling something that sounded like complaining. My first thought was that he was starting to dislike his bath and it was fixing to turn into a fight, but then I found him in the living room tell Austin, baa!  baa!

Then Austin headed toward the bathroom and Jack followed.

He went to find Austin to take a bath with him.  Austin almost always takes a bath with Jackson, so I guess Jack figured he needed to go find him.  It was the cutest thing ever!!

Jackson loves to play outside.  He will get downright cranky if we keep him inside all day.

I was raking up leaves the other day and before Abigail and Austin even came out to show him, Jackson already knew what to do to my leaf pile.  He ran and jumped in and laughed.  He thought it was hilarious!

Jack loves my parents dog Maddie.  Maddie is mostly an outside dog, but she gets to come in the house almost everyday because Jack demands it.  He will watch Maddie out the window and bark at her.  She is old and very gentle with him, considering he pets/hits him and lays on him.

He worries about Maddie too, if we can't find her or she wanders off.  It's so funny!

Jackson loves looking at books.  He will bring me his book and say boo!  boo! and sit in my lap and we will look at that book and point at all the pictures.  This blows me away because I distinctly remember trying to get my other two kids to look at books with me at this age and they would have nothing to do with it.

Jackson can identify a few body parts

We are working on ear and he almost has it.

He still loves to listen to music and dance.  No matter how grumpy or tired he is, if he hears music he will at least bob his head to the beat.

Jackson and his cousin Audrie have been spending more time together and are starting to recognize and get excited when they see eachother.  Audrie is 5 months younger than Jackson, but pretty soon we won't be able  to tell the age difference.  She is catching up fast and I have a feeling they will be great pals!!

His favorite person is still his Nana.  He stays with my mom everyday while I work.  
They have a good time!

He is generally just a happy, fun loving, silly, stubborn, messy, destructive boy and we love him soooo much!!!

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